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Ethically sourced green coffee. Our purpose is to offer quality ethically sourced Arabica coffees, at competitive price points, that allow our clients to participate in the global sustainability movement.

What we do

We sell green coffees ethically sourced from their countries of origin and traceable to the farms and cooperatives that grow them. We import and warehouse the coffees in Cape Town and Johannesburg, selling in units of single bags or split bags, delivering to anywhere in South Africa.

How we do it

We work exclusively with Falcon Coffees to source our coffees. Falcon is a UK based green coffee trader, specialising in building Collaborative Supply Chains in coffee origins, with the purpose of positive social and environmental impact through increasing the income of smallholder farmers.

Why We do it

We recognise that the 30 million smallholder coffee farmers that produce 70% of the world’s coffee are made vulnerable through poverty, lack of resources and lack of market access. South Africa is the largest coffee market in sub-saharan Africa and mainly imports commodity grade coffees, without transparency or traceability.

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why Falcon Coffees

Established in 2008, Falcon has origin representation in Peru, Ethiopia, Uganda and Rwanda. They source specialty grade coffees from 21 origin countries. Falcon was born out of the conviction that the coffee industry has the potential to drive enormous socioeconomic change and harness environmental stewardship. We share these values.

Gain insight into our countries of origin; learn about their coffee history, their unique climate conditions and some of the many socioeconomic challenges they face.

Our Split-Bag solution

*** We are the only green coffee supplier in South Africa to offer split bags ***
From 1kg & up, perfect for start-ups.

In addition to the normal industry size bags, we also offer a split bag option. We generally split bags in increments of 15kg, 30kg and 45kg but can also accommodate other sizes. This gives smaller companies and start-up’s the opportunity to buy high quality coffees at an affordable price that is more in line with their needs. It also gives established roasters an opportunity to experiment with our wide range of coffees without committing to a full 60kg bag. Terms and conditions will apply.

Contact the TEAM

Please talk to us. We would like to understand what you need. We are able to send you both green and roasted samples of our stock. We provide information sheets about our coffees. You are welcome to be added to our Daily Market Report and if we don’t have the information you are seeking, we will find it for you. We look forward to speaking with you.


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Be a part of the sustainable conversation

Sustainability in coffee is part of a far larger, global conversation.

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